Tax Services

We are experienced in preparation of corporate, partnership, estate, trust, non-profit, and individual income tax returns. We assist our clients with planning and tax projections throughout the year and represent them before any taxing authority in compliance issues.
  • Need to file a tax return?

    We can help you with filing any corporate, partnership, estate, trust, non-profit and individual tax return. We can also help you file extensions if you need more time or amend a return if you’ve discovered an error in a prior year.

  • Planning ahead for your taxes?

    Perhaps you plan to sell real estate or change jobs. We assist business and individual clients with planning and projections to help them understand the tax consequences. We can advise you on methods to not only minimize your overall tax burden, but also help you minimize the impact to your cash flow and normal business operations.

  • Need help with a trust or estate?

    We consult and advise all types of estates and trusts, both foreign and domestic. We can prepare tax returns and other forms, represent you in front of the IRS, and serve as a liaison between various stakeholders and beneficiaries.

  • Have a letter from the IRS or NC Department of Revenue?

    We regularly help clients solve problems they are having with tax authorities. We provide experienced representation on your behalf for notices of balance due, sales tax audits, and other corrections or changes to a tax return.

  • Preparing for a major life event?

    Marriage, the birth of a child, a career change, retirement and the passing of a loved one all come with unique tax implications. We can help you plan and prepare for the many changes in life. A well-developed plan helps you avoid unnecessary stress in times of change.

  • Do you have foreign income or work abroad?

    We can help with tax filings for foreign investments, foreign workers in the United States, Americans working abroad, and even foreign trusts and estates.

Small Business Services

We are the accounting department for many small businesses. Depending on the client’s needs, we prepare payroll and handle payroll compliance, pay bills, prepare sales tax returns, and many other tasks. We also provide state-of-the-art software for accounting, tax, and communications. We are able to install and maintain QuickBooks accounting software on our clients’ computers at a fraction of the cost that a client could purchase it for.
  • Need help paying your employees?

    We assist businesses that have a single employee to well over a hundred employees. We can issue paper checks or use the latest technology to give our client’s access to online payroll, direct deposit or paycards. We can relieve you of the burdens associated with items such as payroll taxes or the Affordable Care Act.

  • Prefer to focus your time on the business rather than the accounting?

    We will help you perform anything from day-to-day bookkeeping to payroll, paying bills, preparing sales tax returns, and many other tasks. Tracking accounts such as interest-bearing loans, fixed assets, and depreciation can be a headache even for savvy business owners – we take that stress out of your life and free up your time for more important tasks.

  • Prefer to manage your own books but want an expert advisor to check in from time-to-time?

    We connect to the QuickBooks files for many of our clients in real-time. The client maintains full control of the day to day operations, yet has the peace of mind that we’re checking in on them from time to time, and assist with challenging transactions or corrections without waiting until year-end.

  • Does your company have foreign owners or operators?

    We can help business navigate the complex issues related to reporting foreign transactions or owners.

  • Interested in selling your business or your share of a business?

    All too often, clients focus on running their business but never think about what comes next. We can help you plan and execute an exit strategy. Major Large tax bills can accompany these events, but we help you understand the circumstances and plan ahead to minimize the tax bill and streamline the process.

  • Wondering how to compensate yourself (or your spouse) from your business?

    The tax laws surrounding compensation and benefits of owners are incredibly complex. At the same time, they present significant opportunities to save on taxes if you know where to look. We are proactive in finding opportunities for small business owners to maximize their cash flow. This includes business structuring, use of retirement plans and other tax-advantaged accounts, and navigating the complex world of the Affordable Care Act.

Accounting, Compilation, and Review Services

All business clients need to know and understand the financial history and future of their business. We provide review, compilation, agreed upon procedures, and projections for our business clients. We provide a clear understanding of financial statements as a basis for improving their business.
  • Does your business, HOA or non-profit need financial statements?

    Many organizations need formal financial statements to present information to stakeholders, homeowners or potential donors. Not only do we compile and review financial statements, we help our clients understand what the numbers mean. We add value with analysis of changes, year-over-year comparisons, and explanations of opportunities or threats.