Over the years we have helped a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. From the one employee sole proprietor to a 100+ employee corporation, we have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed. We are pleased to help any firm that requests our services. The following are some of the most common industries that we serve:

Agriculture and Farming

We serve all sizes of agribusinesses, and although we can’t help you with the weather, we do have experience in accounting for farms and other agricultural operations. We take the guess work out of the financial side of your operation and focus on making your profits grow.

Closely Held (Family) Businesses

As a family business ourself, we understand special issues that arise when operating a business as a family. Closely held businesses may need succession planning, assistance in identifying capital opportunities, estate tax planning, and benefits consulting. We are here to help your business run smoothly, and stay running smoothly through multiple generations.


We understand that construction businesses are often subject to outside economic fluctuations, and making sound decisions sometimes requires outside help. We provide advice and guidance to owners to help them navigate the uncertainties of running a construction business. Our firm has extensive experience in helping small and medium sized firms grow and flourish regardless of the market environment. We also help with health insurance regulations, issues related to employment and independent contractors, and the tracking of loans and major assets.

Dental Practices

We provide tax planning and consulting services to help with business equipment financing decisions, partner buy-ins, employee benefits and owner structure.

Employee Benefit Plans

There are many accounting complexities involved in employee benefit plans. These complexities include the ERISA Act and regulations requirements, fair value measurements and disclosures, and communication of internal control matters. We manage the rules and regulations so that you don’t have to.

Government Contractors

Government contractors have to abide by a wide array of unique accounting regulations including certified payrolls, government billings, dealing with governmental auditors, cost rate submissions, and much more. Our staff has experience dealing with these and other issues related to working with the federal government. Let our staff help you so that a profitable governmental contract does not slip through your hands.

Healthcare Providers

Our goal is to help you focus your attention on providing quality care to your patients. We look out for your business by helping with items such as payroll, bookkeeping, equipment and business financing decisions, tax returns, and tax planning. We work with physicians, dentists, and other medical providers in the Southeastern United States.

High Net Worth

You’ve worked hard to grow your business and family wealth; let us help ensure you have continued access to your money while minimizing your tax burden. Estate and tax planning can potentially reduce taxes now and in the future for both you and your heirs. It can also facilitate smooth transfers to beneficiaries and provide security to your spouse.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We have experience dealing with clients that are in the manufacturing and distribution industry. We can help you with forecasts, budgeting, sales tax, inventory tracking and much more. Distribution within the United States as well as to foreign countries can have different tax implications that you may not be aware of. Let us take the burden of interpreting the rules and regulations so that you can focus on your production.


We know the joy that comes from serving an organization you truly believe in, and we know the challenges of those volunteering their time in the community. Many of our own professionals serve on various boards, and we understand what you need: accurate and timely financial statements that are in compliance with the regulations, all without breaking the budget. We serve clients including homeowners’ associations, museums, schools, churches and other charities.

Professional Service Firms

Our clients include engineers, lawyers, investment advisors and IT consultants. We can do all the backend business management or customize our services to only help when and where you need it. We regularly help with benefit planning, health insurance planning and compliance, and succession planning.

Real Estate

Managing real estate investments and projects is a complicated business with much to consider, and we understand the complex rules that affect your industry. Whether you own one rental property or are developing an entire neighborhood, our staff will help you manage your real estate expenses effectively in order to maximize profits and minimize taxes.

Restaurant and Hospitality

We know and understand various challenges facing the hospitality industry: a highly-competitive landscape, managing cash flows, the sometimes seasonal nature of business along in Eastern North Carolina, and employee turnover. We offer help with the hiring of new employees, payroll, ACA compliance, sales tax, FICA tip credits, financial statements, and tax returns. We can also help manage your real estate holdings if they are separate from the rest of your business.


We work with a variety of both single and multi-location We can help you maximize deductions via complex and frequently-changing depreciation rules, and develop strategies to deal with sales and use tax. We also help with franchise issues and succession planning.


Attaining retirement is a milestone to cherish, and it also comes with opportunities to maximize the value of all your hard work. We help clarify rules surrounding social security benefits and required minimum distributions. Further, we educate and advise our clients who are increasingly targets of identity theft and tax return fraud. We help plan and prepare for this milestone and explain the tax implications of all the changes happening at this time in your life.

Trusts and Estates

We consult and advise all types of estates and trusts, both foreign and domestic. We can prepare tax returns and other forms, represent you in front of the IRS, and serve as liaison between various stakeholders and beneficiaries.